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Pool Filter Repair & Replacement

Atlantis Pools have long been distinguished as the best Swimming Pool Company throughout Southern California driving the charge in the pool remodeling industries strictest practices as well as remaining at the forefront of the advanced technological improvements. With over 500 remodels pools and equally as many delighted customers, you can be sure that your swimming pool will be in good hands.

Pool Pump Repair & Replacement

The pump is the heart of your swimming pool, ensuring the continuous flow of water through filters to remove pollutants, contaminants, and debris. Your pool pump always needs to be in top working condition to keep the water in your swimming pool fresh and clean. The professionals at Atlantis Pool Remodeling can diagnose and repair problems with your pool pump. Older pumps can break and require extensive repairs or replacement. If that's the case with your pump, our licensed technicians can replace the motor, repair a damaged housing, perform other repairs, or replace the pump completely to get your system back up and running. And if you're installing a new pool or remodeling your existing one, we can install a brand-new pool pump that will provide you with years of reliable service.

Pool Heater Repair & Replacement

Depending on your preferences, pool heaters can make your pool experience more enjoyable and extend the use time into cooler parts of the year. Swimming isn't only for hot summer days when you have a pool heater. When your pool heater isn't working and you can't keep the pool warm, our experts will quickly determine the problem and work with you to get it fixed right away. Atlantis Pool Remodeling provides pool heater repair and replacement services by licensed specialists for California residential and commercial pools. We've repaired, replaced, and installed hundreds of pool heaters at California homes and businesses. Count on us to handle your pool heater too.

Pool GFCI (Circuit Breaker) Repair & Replacement

The professionals at Atlantis Pool Remodeling always put safety first. It is absolutely critical that your pool pump and electrical equipment be connected via a properly functioning GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interruptor). GFCI breakers ensure that you, your family, and your guests are safe from harm while swimming in your pool. Why? If electricity shorts to the pool water, a correctly functioning GFCI will cut the power immediately, preventing a shock. Keep your pool pump running, your pool light shining, and your pool heater warming safely with a correctly installed GFCI. Our experts can determine if there are any problems with your existing pool GFCI and provide the appropriate services to fix the situation, including breaker repair and replacement if needed.

Pool Plumbing Repair & Replacement

To continue providing your pool with water circulation and draining capabilities, the pipes and other components of your pool's plumbing system must be kept in good condition. Atlantis Pool Remodeling has experienced and licensed pool plumbers on staff to provide expert plumbing repairs to keep that water moving! If your California swimming pool has issues and needs repairs of any kind, we invite you to contact us. Atlantis Pool Remodeling can take care of your pool filter repairs, replace your pump, repair your heater, and handle any other pool repair need you may have. Our experts are licensed and certified for electrical and plumbing work and have years of experience performing pool repairs and replacing components. Join the list of residential and commercial customers in California who trust Atlantis Pool Remodeling for all their swimming pool needs.

Swimming Pool Leak Detection Inspection

Swimming pool Water Leak? We Can Fix It. Fast. Cost-Efficient pool Leak Detection Services. If you believe you have a leak in your pool or spa, contact Atlantis pool leak detection for ultrasonic pool leak detection, a certified detection specialist will use a combination of equipment to find specific areas of leakage.

Acid Wash

Sometimes called a drain & clean, acid washing will bring out a brighter finish in your pool. When you are acid washing your pool, you are actually taking off a thin layer of the pool floor or wall, giving it a bright, new look. While acid washing can dramatically reduce stains or remove spots from a pool's surface.

LED Pool Lights

Swimming pool lights enhance the atmosphere of any pool. Get the most out of your in-ground pool by adding a pool light for night time swimming.

Pool Automation

Automatic Pool Controls are used to control multiple functions of your swimming pool from the comforts of your home. Get a Complete Pool Automation. Easily access and manage pool and spa features anytime, anywhere.